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Kiwinano is one of the top price matching databases in Canada founded in 2014. We provides our users with the latest retail information about electronic and digital products, while getting them the lowest price match available. We collect information about all your favourite electronics and store them in one simple to use database for our users.

From the beginning, our goal at Kiwinano has been to focus on providing the most precise information on product price matching amongst the largest Canadian electronic product retailers. We find all the greatest deals and help you save time and money shopping.

Our role at Kiwinano, is to connect our users with different merchants by offering constant updates on products and finding the lowest price match available. Any users visiting Kiwinano can find product price matches covering over 50 categories. Our product price matches focus on, but are not limited to, Consoles, Computers, Televisions, Cameras, and Home Appliances

This blog is solely dedicated to updating our users about the latest information on all our favourite products, giving you the most detail out there on what is hot and new to buy.

You can find out more on items or on how to use price matching by simply going onto our site ( or downloading our smartphone apps today both available on Google Play and the Apple store to start saving in-store!

Shop Smart. Save More.

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