Table Tennis has developed a lot throughout the years and many aspects of it have been refined to improve the sport. Back then, there wasn’t various playing styles or different types of materials on each equipment. Now, there are various playing styles and we will be introducing them to you. The different styles refer to the ways that players grip their paddles. There are two different styles and one is called the Penhold Grip and the other is called the Shakehand Grip.

Penhold Grip Style

Penhold Style

This grip is similar to holding a pen when writing, hence the name “Penhold.” The thumb and index finger are the one’s that hold onto the handle and the rest of the other fingers curl behind the paddle. There are many variations of this and players tend to hold the paddle in an efficient and comfortable way.

The advantages to this grip are that:

  • It allows the wrist to move very freely
  • Provides ability to make good forehand strokes and serves
  • Allows player to block and push easily on the backhand side

The disadvantages of this grip are that:

  • Not the best when performing backhand topspin
  • Requires fast footwork and a lot of stamina

Shakehand Grip Style

Shakehand Style

It’s apparent that this style resembles a handshake and that’s why it was named the Shakehand Style. Your palm is wrapped around the base and the paddle is aligned between your thumb and index finger. There are many variations to this style as well but the general idea is that all players who use this style are more comfortable with both backhand and forehand.

The advantages to this style are that:

  • Easier to master
  • Good for people who have weakness in backhand

The disadvantages to this style are that:

  • Limits elbow movement
  • Hard to switch into other styles after

You too can practice these different styles on your free time! If you’re looking for a Table Tennis Paddle to practice on, we compiled a list of the best and most affordable ones.

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