Table Tennis can be seen as a hobby or a profession. For those of you who play Table Tennis as a hobby don’t necessarily need to train as much as professional Table Tennis players. Training requires a lot of hard work and time and can be very hard on the body, so here are some tips and tricks to prevent any injuries! The most common mistakes and injuries in Table Tennis are wrist injuries, overexerting your joints and underestimating the importance of endurance.

Wrist Injuries

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When playing Table Tennis, people often use their wrists to provide them with force but they are actually suppose to gain momentum from the upper arm and body rotation. To prevent the use of your wrists, use Wrist Wraps to support your wrist and remind yourself to use your upper arm instead of your wrists!

Overexerting your joints

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Another precaution that you should take is to look after your knee, elbow, and shoulders. Table Tennis is quite repetitive and requires high-impact strokes that can be very stressful on your joints. To prevent overexerting your joints, be mindful of your stance and when you feel pain, make sure to take a break. You can also use Kinesiology Tape to provide support when needed.

Underestimating the Importance of Endurance

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It is known that Table Tennis players don’t need much endurance but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t practice building their endurance either. Endurance is important as they still need to constantly stand and be quick on the court. The match could go on for a very long and that means going back and forth multiple times which can be stressful to those who aren’t able to keep up. Even running or biking for 30 minutes will help! It’s important to always be hydrated so make sure to grab yourself a durable Brita Water Bottle.

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