We want to introduce to you, the next influx of participants for this years Women’s World Cup! These women will be competing for the World Cup at the Pan Am Centre in Markham on October 27th to the 29th. To purchase a ticket to be apart of this intense game, click here.

Lily Zhang – USA

Lily Zhang (Photo: Pac-12 Network)

Lily (June 16, 1996) was exposed to Table Tennis at a very young age as her father played for his country’s Table Tennis team in China. Her dad’s Table Tennis colleague, Dennis Davis, would always take her to practice at the Palo Alto Table Tennis Club. When she was 13 years old, she was ranked the #2 Best Junior Women Table Tennis player in the U.S. She then took her Table Tennis career internationally at the Pan Am American Games, Qatar Peace and Sport Cup,  Olympics, North American Championships, World Junior Championships, US Open, and the Youth Olympic Games.

Paulina Vega – Chile

Paulina Vega (Photo: Cristian Larrain)

Paulina (March 13th, 1984) proudly represents Chile. She competed at the Pan Am Games in 2011, Olympic Games in 2004, and the Latin American Championships where she placed First in Women’s Double. Paulina graduated from the Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga – UNAB with a Kinesiology degree. She is a professional Table Tennis player and a registered kinesiologist, its the best of both worlds!

Jian Fang Lay – Australia

Jian Fang Lay (Photo: Alchetron)

Jian (March 6th, 1973) is an Australian Table Tennis player who currently holds the #1 spot for Best Female player in Australia. She was born in China but moved to Melbourne in the early 1990’s and put down her paddle to enjoy life outside of Table Tennis. She could not stay away for long though, Jian began to pursue her career within Table Tennis after her short break. She participated in the Olympics in Sydney, Athens, Beijing, and London! Jian was also apart of the Commonwealth Games where she took home various medals.

Mo Zhang – Canada

Mo Zhang (Photo: Getty Images)

Mo (January 17th, 1989) is born in Vancouver, Ontario and represents Canada for Table Tennis. She is Canada’s top-ranked female Table Tennis player  and is known for placing 1st at the North American Championship in Singles for 3 years in a row. She took up Table Tennis as a hobby when she was young and it turned out to be more than just a small interest for her.

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