The list of qualified players for this year’s Women’s World Cup of Table Tennis was just released. We have all the scoop on the current players who have worked long and hard for this moment. We will be highlighting a few players, in no particular order, so readers can gain a better understanding of each individual and their journey.

Ding Ning

Ding Ning (Photo: Getty Images)

Ding (June 20th, 1990) is a professional Table Tennis player who has been playing since she was 6 years old. Ding took on Table Tennis at such a young age because her mother, Gao Fengmai, worked at a stadium that offered Table Tennis and Gao would always bring Ding to play Table Tennis with the other children. Ding represents her home country, China, proudly at every game she attends. She placed fourth at her first professional game in Zagreb for The World Championships in Mixed Doubles. She then began to compete in other sporting events like the Olympics, World Championships, ITTF World Tours and ITTF World Tour Grand Finals. She had placed 1st and 2nd in several of the games and gained a World Ranking of being the 2nd best Table Tennis player in 2014.

Jie Lie

Jie Lie (Photo: Getty Images)

Jie (March 6th, 1984) is a Chinese born Table Tennis player who now resides in Dan Helder and is currently representing the Netherlands. In 2007, she made it to Semi Finals for Women’s Doubles during the Pro Tour Meeting and the year after that, she placed 1st in Women’s Doubles. She competed professionally in the Olympics, World Championships, European Championships, and The European Games.

Petrissa Solja

Petrissa Solja (Photo: Sportsflu)

Petrissa (March 11th, 1994) is a professional Table Tennis player who represents Germany. She was inspired to take on Table Tennis because of her family. Her mother and older sisters played Table Tennis and Petrissa would always watch. Later on, her father became her first coach and he taught her everything she knows. I guess you could say it runs in the family. She is ranked 27th in the world and continues to strive to gain back her original ranking, 15th place.

Sabine Winter

Sabine Winter (Photo: Her Facebook Page)

Sabine (September 27th, 1992) represents Germany and has been playing Table Tennis since she was very young. She competed in the Youth European Championship and placed 1st in Doubles and 2nd in Mixed. She also played competitively at the Pro Tour, World Championships, and the Olympics.

Dina Meshref

Dina Meshref (Photo: Bruce Liu)

Dina (March 10th, 1994) is an Egyptian Table Tennis player who is the daughter of two Table Tennis Champions, Omar Assar and Alaa Meshref. Dina recently graduated from the University of Cairo (AUC) in Business Administration. Dina received the Omar Mohsen Athletic Achievement Cup for participating in several international tournaments while representing her school. Aside from various international tournaments, she has played in the Olympics and the World Championships.

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