When people think of Spring Cleaning, they typically think about reorganizing their kitchen, room, closet or even their office. This annual cleaning dates back to pre-historic times and happens across various cultures. But did you know that Spring Cleaning can be just as important for your favorite technology?

We all use our phones and laptops on a regular basis, so it’s natural for us to forget to take a step back and re-organize a few things. Not to worry though, here are a few simple Spring Cleaning tips for your tech!


Exterior cleanliness is extremely important. Your technology can carry a ton of bacteria, so dusting every once in a while couldn’t hurt!

Here are a few tech cleaning tips:

  • Shut down your tech entirely-not only is it safe, but you will see the dust better
  • Use a dry or very damp cloth to clean with                             GettyImages-588494537-57c392575f9b5855e5d8a87c
  • You can even use a Q-tip to clean dirt on your keyboard


A lot of people do not consider this a necessity, but cleaning your inbox will keep you organized throughout the year. This works for both your computer and your cell phone

Here are some easy steps you can do to help clean your inbox:

  • Deleting your junk mail clean-cell-phone
  • Create categories for the emails you have coming in
  • Unsubscribe from stores or companies that may no longer be of interest to you


System updates keep your technologies running smoothly and securely. When cleaning your technology, make sure everything is up-to-date. It’s so easy to push off updates till later, so use Spring Cleaning as the perfect excuse to do so.


File organization, deleting random photos and even organizing your music can feel refreshing. Take this time to get your tech more organized by cleaning out your files, music and even photos-as hard as that may be. Think of it as holding on to that sweater you NEVER wear. You probably won’t miss it.


There’s a number of products that can help you with getting you organized and your tech squeaky clean. Check out these products that will assist your Spring Cleaning:


  • IQ MicroFibre Cloth and Spray Solution– This cloth and spray are sure to help you keep your technology spotless                                                     55248_l
  • Screen and Keyboard protector– Not only do these make your devices a little more stylish, they will make sure that dirt and dust stay away                         $_35
  • Clean Screen Disposable Wipes– If you can’t find a cloth and spray solution, an alcohol free, disposable wipe is sure to do the job! Alcohol and ammonia can harm screen surfaces, so stick with alcohol-free cleansers                                     springcleaningtechnology-8137
  • The DataVac-  This electric duster dispels dust and dirt from hard-to-reach spots- like inside your computer’s USB ports                                                 3_082115
  • The PhoneSoap– Ever wondered where you can find a soap that not only can clean your phone, but charge it at the same time? Look no further. The PhoneSoap will charge your battery while it disinfects                                            hi-phonesoap-852-jpg


  • Deleting duplicate files– Duplicated files take up a ton of storage, whether they’re files you saved twice or multiple downloads. The easiest way to find these is to download a third-party app           Got-irritated-from-duplicate-files

MAC: Duplicate Detective is a simple app with a straightforward interface for hunting down duplicates. It costs $4.99, but it gets the job done. If you are looking for something completely free, download Duplicated Cleaner.

    WINDOWS: For Windows 10, search “Disk Clean-Up” in the search box, and for Windows 8, head to the Control Panel and find Disk Clean-up. If you have an older version, find it in System Tools

  • Deleting applications- For the Mac, you can delete unused programs by dragging them from the applications folder into the trash. Alternately, you can download AppZapper, which allows you to delete five apps and all their associated files for free; after that it costs $12.95         how-to-delete-iphone-apps
  • Buy overall new technology- Spring Cleaning doesn’t necessarily mean you have to clean your old phone or computer. It could mean throwing out your old piece of technology and starting fresh with a new one. Head over to www.kiwinano.ca to find the best deal possible for whatever you are looking for!




A lot of people get overwhelmed with Spring Cleaning, but hopefully we’ve made you realize that it can be easy. You’ll thank yourself later for it!