The app store is filled with millions of apps. Here are 5 money saving apps you must try. Enjoy the savings!


Kiwinano is the app everyone has always been asking for. Imagine shopping at a store for a laptop and being able to buy that laptop for less than the in-store price. That’s exactly what Kiwinano allows you to do. It’s a price comparison app that compares prices between all the retailers in the Country. So simply check the app for that laptop and if anyone else is selling it for less you can price match and leave with a discount. Best part the app also allows you to scan items instead of manually typing it in for a faster and better experience.

Kiwinano also has a website where you can price compare on your desktop, tablet, or even phone.



This app is a great personal accountant & financial planner but without the crazy fees. It allows you to keep track of ALL your financial activities including; checkings account, savings account, retirement, and more. You simply adjust the setting and every transaction is AUTOMATICALLY recorded and even categorized. View your spending patters and Mint will even create a budget for you.



LivingSocial is very similar to GroupOn. You can find great deals in your area and save on hotels, restaurants, spas and many other places. These would make great gifts for your friends or family. LivingSocial also offers an awesome promotion where if you share your deal on social media and 3 of your friends purchase the same deal, you’ll get yours for free!



What an awesome app! Get discounts for WATCHING TV!! Viggle allows users to “check in” to whatever show they’re watching and earn points to be redeemed for rewards at Starbucks, Barnes & Nobles, and many other great places. Additionally you can earn additional point by having more fun and playing games and testing your television IQ. It even has a texting option, where you can text your friends who are also using Viggle.



Appsfire offers free and highly discounted apps every day that would normally cost more. If you really rely on your phone to complete your daily tasks or make your life easier this app is for you.  You can even fill out a quick form and Appsfire will recommend the best apps for you based on your daily interests. The best part is if the app you’ve always wanted is not currently discounted you can add It to your wishlist and get a notification when the price goes down. The one app to save on all apps.



Hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any awesome ideas you would like us to write about leave a comment below. Enjoy all your money saving apps. Cheers!