How to save money

We spend most of our lives working in order to make money and exhibit some type of freedom. A big issue that we are facing is the constant growth of prices and the lack of growth in wages. Making money becomes a priority in this lifetime and its something that we need to learn to manage. The big question many people are asking themselves is how to save money?

What we don’t realise is we are presented with money saving ways every day. Ever heard of price comparison websites? Or Price match websites? Or a deals websites? These all try to gather the lowest prices and present them to the user. Luckily a company came out with a website that has all three money saving strategies in one place. No longer do you have to ask yourself how to save money. acts as a price comparison website, price match website, and a deals website. The website can be very addicting and fun to browse. Soon enough you’ll be the one explaining to all your friends how to save money.

Picking an item on the homepage

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 1.51.56 PMHave a look at the first row “Electronics”. There you will see how many stores are selling the item, and the lowest price you can get it for. Then click “Price match” or “see offer”. This allows you to view the product page where you can see the prices each retailer is selling that item for and where you can price match to get it for the lowest price. (an example will be shown below)

Still wondering how to save money? There are 10 different categories to choose from to find the lowest prices. Finding the lowest prices for 10 different categories will definitely add up a decent amount of savings in total.

In order to understand how the website works and understand how you can save money, click on one of the “price match” buttons on any electronic item on the front page and have a look at the product page.


       1. Compare prices between many different retailers

      2. Find the lowest price

      3. Find the best location to price match at

In this case, DirectCanada has the lowest price and Sears has the highest. Sears beats the competitors by 10%, therefore if you go to sears and price match with DirectCanada the price will only be $71.70.

The best part is the website does the calculation for the user and it’ll automatically show where to get the lowest price at. In this scenario, you would save $15.27. And that’s how to save money with

Search for your own item

So far that all sounds great but you’re probably wondering how to save money on specific items that you want, not just items that appear displayed on the Kiwinano website. That’s where you have the chance to use the search bar to search for anything you’d like.


In this case, let’s search for a MacBook air 13” and see if we can price compare and find where we can purchase the MacBook for the lowest price after price matching.

d4The search page comes up with all the relevant items to your search. In this case, lets click on the second MacBook Air as it looks to be very cheap for only $799 and find out who we are price matching with to get that low price.


In this scenario, You would go to staples and price match with the B&HPhotoVideo Price and purchase a MacBook Air laptop for only $799. And that’s how you can use to answer the old asked question, how to save money.

How to save money? Use, a Canada-based price comparison, price match, and deal finder website.

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