Did you know that Facebook messenger is good for much more then simply messaging your Facebook friends? Here is a list of cool features that your Facebook messenger can do that you might have never heard of.

  1. Texting. This one is obvious. It’s what majority of users use it for. Talk with your friends and get statuses when they have received your message and when they have read it.
  1. Call across the world. Did you know you can actually use Facebook messenger to call across the world for free. Simply have the person be a Facebook user and a Facebook friend and talk across the world for as long as you’d like, free of charge.

To make a voice call from Messenger:

1. Open a conversation with a friend.

2. Tap phone. If the icon is grey, you can’t currently call this person.

3. Send photos and videos. Facebook messenger lets you trade photos and videos with anyone who you have access to message, this includes individuals who may not be your friend on Facebook but allow others to message them. Great way to stay connected.

4. Send your location.  Lost somewhere? Have a flat tire in the middle of nowhere? Or simply want your friends to join you at the party you’re at? Facebook messenger allows you to send your current location to your friends. Let them know exactly where you are.

1. Open a conversation.

2. Tap dots

3. Tap Location. You’ll see a blue circle at your current location.

4. Tap Send.

5. Attach stickers. Make your convo more engaging and fun. Facebook messenger allows you to add stickers, almost like emoticons. The concept is very similar to the ones Snapchat uses. Add more flavor to your conversations by expressing how you feel with colourful, fun stickers.


Those are the 5 main benefits of Facebook messenger. Hope next time you use the messenger app you get more out of it. If you have any other questions or suggestions for blogs please email Anthony.k@kiwinano.ca. Cheers.



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