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  1. Fitness Watch

Summer time is the time for warm weather fun, whether it would be on the beach, the pool, or simply going out for a walk. Our skin is exposed much more and what better way to be confident in your own skin then to have an exercise tracker anywhere with you during the summer time when you take the most steps. When it comes to a fitness watch simply calculating your steps can challenge you to take more steps tomorrow. Calculating your calories through out the day might motivate you to order a smaller or larger meal depending on your output. Its these small affects that fitness watches might have that could help you feel better about yourself. A fitness watch is a fun way to boost your motivation during the summer time.

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  1. Headphones

Going for walks or jogs is much more popular when the weather is warm out, a good pair of headphones can create a more liberating experience, and would go well with your fitness watch when exercising. Of course headphones can also be used for other reasons such as while tanning on the beach or pool, bike rides, or even simply walking to a friends house. Headphones are a great item to have any time of the year but is a definite must have summer item.

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  1. Coffee Maker

Let’s be honest here, how many of us can really start the morning without first having a cup of coffee. It just makes everything better, the sun gets brighter, the birds sound happy, and the clouds clear up. Okay maybe that all doesn’t happen because of coffee but sure seems like it. Seems like “coffee mornings” produce happier overall days. Coffee makers can range in prices but you can always find a deal on or at least compare prices so you know your getting the lowest price.

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  1. Charging Phone Case

One of the worst experiences when your out is having your phone die. How many times has it happened that your meeting your friends and realize your phone is about to die, better send that last message. Summer time is supposed to be a stress free time. Make sure to get a phone case that can charge your phone and never worry about your phone dying again. Hang out with your friends, go to restaurants, have bond fires, and always have a ready to use cell phone. After all how are all your Snapchat friends going to know what your up to this summer.

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Hope you enjoyed this must have summer accessories list, and most importantly don’t forget to enjoy your summer! or INSTALL KIWINANO on your phone today.