Can’t find your car?


Many times its happened, whether at a grocery store, a plaza, or somewhere downtown you just can’t find where you parked your only ride home, your car. We all faced this problem at least once in our lives. Walking circles in the parking lot trying to look natural so others don’t notice our dumb founded faces as we try to think back to any details we can recall about our parking spot. After some time we start to think maybe it got towed? We continue hitting the lock button on the remote hoping we’d hear that beep sound but nothing happens.

If you’ve experienced losing your car in a parking lot, garage or outdoors and your remote isn’t reaching your car in order for it to make a sound well this little blog is for you.

(FILES) Photo dated 04 March 2003 shows

The way car remotes work is through passing a frequency signal just like radio stations do but to your car triggering its command for that signal. Usually most cars lock signal tells it to beep confirming the vehicle is locked but what happens if your out of range? Well did you know that the signal actually amplifies when passing through water? That’s right if you hold your remote towards a water bottle, the signal will amplify and you will be able to reach your vehicle from a much larger distance.


Now you’re probably thinking “well I don’t carry a water bottle with me everywhere I go”. That’s great because don’t forget the human body is mostly made of water, in fact your brain alone is made up of 75% water. You don’t have a water bottle with you? No problem. Simply hold your car remote to your brain, concentrate very hard (concentration is optional) and TADA your car is now beeping and you realized you were on the wrong side of the parking lot. Bet you never thought you could lock and unlock your car with your brain.


Hope you enjoyed this little blog. Stay tuned for more great information. We will be posting a new blog twice a week. Thank you for reading through this one and now ironically I got to go find my car. or Download Kiwinano Today

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