As a generation, we have been born into a life of technology. From a young age, we spend our days on tablets, phones, and watching TV’s. Two year olds today know how to FaceTime, and turn on their own Youtube videos as if it were second nature.

Ask yourself: how long have you actually been staring at a screen today? The honest truth is, you probably woke up and reached for your phone before both eyes were fully focused on your whereabouts. After checking your messages, emails, social media, you only then finally get out of bed to begin your daily routine. You don’t even count your phone as apart of that routine, but really it is seeing as it is usually your cellphone alarm that wakes you to start your day…

After washing up with your electric toothbrush, making yourself a coffee with your new espresso machine and driving yourself to work that you sit back down in front of a computer screen. Your day is surrounded with technology and there is absolutely no way to avoid it. Simply reading this blog is only but a moment woven into a digital day you are encapsulated into. Nestled among Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Emails, and of course, more articles.

We have become trapped into what that novelist, Abha Dawesar has called the “Digital Now: a stream of time that is parallel to the present, but also in competition with it”. This Digital Now way of life has become so socially accepted that we begin to have trouble degenerating between the present and past. With our noses always in our phones, we confuse what we are doing with what we are seeing online.

“Technology has altered our flow of time … So many of us today have the sensation that time’s arrow is pointing everywhere and nowhere at once…Every digital landmark is an invitation to leave what you’re doing now and go somewhere else and do something else.”

With the use of new applications such as Instagram and Snapchat, a person can feel as if they are living multiple lives. They can experience different places, times, realities all from the safety of their homes.

It is with apps such as these and new technologies always being made that there is a radical change in the way we are living everyday, and even affecting how we relate to each other as human beings.

Wearable Fitness Trackers Are Making Us All Health Obsessed.

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Technology affects us in more ways than one. This one in my opinion is rather a good way to be affected. It is with apps and services like the Fitbit, Nike FuelBand, and ZEO that people are becoming increasingly aware of their own health.

As a generation we have become obsessed with competing against ourselves to outdoor our results from yesterday. With fitness bands, we are virtually keeping track of our progress and constantly trying to outdo ourselves.

It is with these trackers that we are noticing things such as our daily burnt calories, our steps, and even how we are sleeping.

These devices are all part of the “quantified self” movement, which aims to empower people through their own data.

Smartphones Keep Us Hyper Connected With Each Other.
Smartphones have become our go to object when trying to stay connected with the world and the people around us. It is our way to update people about our lives without having to reach out and talk to them directly.

With the constant use of our phones, we are always connected to people located in every corner of the world, our emails, the worlds news, and our jobs- anything you want, you more or less have at the tip of your fingers.

According to a recent IDC study, within the first fifteen minutes of waking up, 79% of smartphones users look at their phones. 48% use their smartphones at the gym and 50% of smartphone users check Facebook in movie theatres. These numbers are going up with each year and its scary. It is now easier than ever to communicate, stay connected to, and keep track of anything and everything in the world. As more information is becoming public online, and more people are using smartphones, we are communicating more through written words than with our voices.

Social Networks Are Changing How We Interact With Each Other.


The reach of social networks are growing daily with new forms of interaction being created constantly. With the original favourites of Facebook and Twitter, people were able to keep up with what their friends, family, and even idols were doing from all over the world. With the ability to upload images and written updates as often as you wanted, people become obsessed with bringing the world into their daily lives.

Now with the creation of Instagram and Snapchat, people are able to upload live videos and images to share with people at anytime. This form of interaction has grown rapidly since its release changing how people interacted. By sending images and videos that are stored for up to 10 seconds with Snapchat, people could have conversations as if in person.

With Social Networks the notion of privacy has disintegrated as people upload everything and anything at all times of the day.

Tablets and Smart Phones Are Changing Our Retail Experience.


Shopping used to rely solely on the idea of human interaction within stores. People would walk in and be greeted by an employee eagerly pretending to want to help. However, now with the use of tablets and smartphones, people are able to do all their shopping through the use of electronics, and a lot of the time without even leaving the comfort of their own homes.

With tablets being placed into many retail stores, people can browse the catalogs online, and make their purchases all on their own. With stores like Walmart who have self serve check out- people no longer even need to interact with people to pay for their items in store.

It is with the rise of the tablet and the smart phone that the original need for human interaction to shop is no longer necessary. You can buy a shirt, television, and groceries, all through technology and all from your bed if you so desire.

Smartphone Apps Are Making Us The Ultimate Consumer.



It is crazy to see how much a simple phone app can change your life, and the impact it can have on society in general. Referring to Apple’s famous line: “There’s an app for that” is at this point in our lives not an overstatement but a fact of life.

With the new development of apps coming out everyday, lives are constantly being made easier. The simplicity associated with many apps are generated to specifically make its users life easier in one way or another. By taking the work out of their lives and having it all in front of them in one spot is the ultimate goal.

With many apps such as Kiwinano, Flipp, Wish, ect. Companies are trying to bring the daily needs of a person to them. These apps are intended to save money, inform people of new better technologies, and take the hassles out of everyday tasks such as shopping.

With many of the new apps developed today, a person could theoretically never leave their house and still stay nourished for the rest of their lives while saving money doing so.

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