Meditation used to be a practice we all heard about at some point in time but never paid to much attention to. It has however with time slowly taken over the world, becoming mainstream enough that we now all know at least one person who practices it at one point or another. We hear about its many benefits daily from our friends, relatives, magazines. Every celebrity is doing it, and when they’re not they still say they are. It is a way to reduced stress and anxiety, allow you to be more kind to others and give you an overall sense of well being. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it. So why aren’t we all meditating? Maybe there would be less hurt in the world if more people meditated…

Well the answer is easy… The idea of doing nothing—is among the most difficult things to do.

It is very hard for people to sit down and do nothing- to completely clear their minds and feel centred. Though it is healthy, it becomes work to not think. This is one of the main reasons a lot of companies are working to create products to help people learn to meditate. It is through constant practice and work that someone can actually learn to be aware of being unaware…


Companies are creating apps (because being on your smartphone is of course the first step to being calm) that pair with electroencephalography (EEG) headsets that provide you with biofeedback. In simplest terms the aesthetically designed headpiece you wear is meant to pick up any brain activity and display  it on the app for you to monitor. If the data is good you know you’ve attained a meditative state. If the feedback is bad, you know you need to try to better empty your mind.

These meditation headbands have become a form of fitness tracker for the mind: motivating tools that promise to take a lot of the guesswork out of meditation.


One of the biggest up and coming products to offer you an entrance into meditation is the Muse Headband. This pieces goal is to train your brain into meditating by making you aware of brain activity in real time using audio and visual cues, such as the sound of waves or thunder.

HEAD CASE | The Muse headband measures brain-wave activity and pairs with an Android or iOS app to provide feedback on mind wandering.
The $299 Muse Headband ( is sleek, meant to rest across your forehead and over your ears for ultimate meditation.

With this devices ability to use audio feedback versus visual, the Muse headband allows for the ultimate meditation process. With the soothing sound of ocean waves or rainfall, you begin to associate sound with your own mediative state. You will know that the sound of thunder means that you need to clear your mind further, and the sound of chirping birds is ultimate clarity.

In order for the headband to perfectly store and display its information for you is through a bluetooth connection to a smartphone device. Here you will receive images, notes, and a stored tracker of your improvements and progress.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 10.23.34 AM.png

By using the Muse designed phone app, your headband allows you to record your meditation the same way a fitness tracker would. Through the use of graphs, you can see the total time you spent using your device and how much of that time you were in a meditative state. You can also see your progress of how quickly you got into that state and how long you stayed there. This app will assign you a score on your meditative state, making meditation into a game to beat.

Meditating With Muse

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The Muse Headband is a way to consciously find your unconscious. It is a way to mentally clear your mind while being completely aware of what you are doing. Through their headband and accompanied phone app, it allows users to track each session for an ultimate mediative state.

After completing a few sessions, the Muse phone app will allow you to unlock the insights and graphs charted to allow you to see where you are in your meditative state. By completing these few beginning sessions, the app can learn from you and set itself around your needs giving you all the best information. It will also open milestones and goals you’ve achieved.

When meditating with Muse, the app will set up training and information cards on stress and the goals of meditation. It will give you general information and set up weekly targets to be achieved that you can either stick with or change based on your personal needs. On top of the already set functions, it is being said that Muse is constantly working to update their features and exercises to set your meditation to ultimate control and self reward.

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