We live in a time where people adore posting the details of their lives on social media. It is how we connect, and keep in touch. We will post images of our food, updates about our favourite restaurant’s and meals, and the ever popular “selfie” to let people know what we’re wearing for the day, who were with, or what we are doing with our lives.The selfie has become a way of life for many.

Selfie.jpgNow what is a selfie you ask? Well according to the oxford dictionary (because yes it is now a real word) it is “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media”.

This new obsession began in 2014 when phones were being advertised to be the best for their front facing cameras. Being called the best “Selfie Smartphone” became a goal for many brands, having companies fight for who had the best pixels, the fastest shot, and the widest angles.

After doing a little research, we believe that we have found a winner for Kiwinano’s favorite selfie smartphone. With its unique 13MP front and back camera, and dual-tone LED flash, the HTC Desire Eye is our number one.


“The HTC Eye Experience’s face tracking keeps you perfectly framed at all times. And because staying in touch means more than just talking to a single person, up to four people in the same room can also be tracked comfortably, with each face cropped and positioned on the screen for maximum clarity,” said HTC.


HTC Desire Eye was designed to keep your selfies always on point. With the integration of a variety of features for your convenience, HTC aimed and won the best selfie inspired smartphone on the market. It is with their innovative technology and desire to give you the best product on the market, the HTC Desire Eye has included multiple features into their phone to improve ones ability to always get the best picture possible.


They have designed their software to support both screen sharing and split capture which allows the user to combine multiple photos and videos taken on the phone (both back and front camera) into one split screen creation. The HTC Eye as well included a “Crop-Me-In”
feature which allows you to crop yourself from one image or video taken with the front camera and position yourself within any image you capture with the back camera. This feature integrates what people spend so much time doing on Photoshop into one quick and easy to use phone. By allowing yourself to be placed into any image you take, you can travel the world without moving to far! Even better, you can finally take a full framed image of you in front of your favourite scenes without having to ask someone to take the picture for you!

The HTC Desire Eye is among a large group of phones within the same category designed tohtc-desire-eye-smartphone-fans-selfie-raqwe.com-01.jpg aim towards a new generation. Though there are so many options, the HTC really took it to another level by specifying their need to target a social market geared towards social media and the selfie love.

Along with their amazing upgrades within their camera, the phone is in itself a great phone to have. On top of its high quality cameras, the phone is good quality and affordable. HTC did not let its users down by giving them a mediocre phone, but kept the phones system strong and better then any previous phone of its make.

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