smiling-baby-laying-on-towel-holding-digital-tablet.jpgWith time, each generation seems to grow smarter and more advanced than the one before. Within the 21st Century, it feels as though children today are born with electronics already in hand. Before the age of two, they have their own iPads and pretend cellphones for advanced learning games, and entertainment. Parents hand off their electronics to kids so early to help their brains advance that they end up knowing more than we do by the time they hit puberty.

However, many people think that allowing children from such a young age to use electronics is not a good thing. They believe that with electronics children will have a slower attention span and a fault in their ability to socialize with others.

It is through this debate that the topic of integrating tablets into schools has emerged. It has been an ongoing debate, that has come to form in many schools, whether Kindergarten to Grade 12 School Districts should switch from print textbooks to digital textbooks on tablets and e-readersipads_LA.jpg. Though many believe its a fantastic idea within our growing tech-savvy society, others do not feel the same. This is where the debate comes in and it becomes up to you to decide what side you’re on.

When discussing tablets in school, many opponents of the topic say that they are too expensive, distracting, time-consuming, and easy to break. A lot of parents believe that tablets, like any computer screen is straining to the eyes. If they were to allow kids to sit staring at these screens for the 6hrs a day they are in school, they are only contributing to their eyesight dropping as they grow older. They also believe that by using tablets everyday in school versus the few hours while at home, they will develop headaches and a short attention span. They as well believe that it is very expensive to supply each student in a school with a tablet as new ones are always developing.

tablet4.jpgBut what about the pros of using tablets in school? Why do people ignore the fact that with the integration of tablets, they will save money on thousands of books, their children will have an increased literacy and the ability for variety. They will know how to use technology from a young age that is vital to any future career they enter. With tablets, students can take their creativity to a new level by simply creating and sharing demonstrations they themselves make. With technology, we are giving our children the ability to take learning to a new level. We are introducing them to a world beyond what they see and allowing them to interact with this world. It is through the interaction that they gain from technology that they cannot find within the pages of a book that we should strive for.

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