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Samsung has done it again and produced a phone beyond everyones expectations. Just when we started to think there was no way to beat the Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge we have been proven wrong. By expanding on the original phones clarity, speed, internal system and more- Samsung is ready to “Redefine what a phone can do”. As they state on their companies website:

“We’re completely changing how you’ll share experiences and memories. We’re doing that by shattering the boundaries of what a phone can do. And it’s the biggest thing to happen to phones. Ever.”

By redesigning their phone, Samsung promises to give its users an experience beyond what they already know- they are “shattering the boundaries” and bringing people into a new century of smartphones.


“The beauty of what we’ve engineered is to give you the slimmest feel in your hand without compromising the big screen size. And the elegantly curved front and back fit in your palm just right. It’s as beautiful to look at, as it is to use”.

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When redesigning the look and feel of the Samsung S7/S7 Edge Samsung added in a few new changes that were much needed. As a user of the Samsung S6 Edge, the phone felt out of place with its simple curved front. It was uncomfortable to hold which was its main flaw in design. By keeping the phone looking just as sleek as the S6 Edge, Samsung now curved the back of the phone as well to give it the slim but comfortable feel we all wanted. Along with its new curve, the S7 Edge was given a larger, 5.5 inch display. By expanding its display size, but keeping the phone slim and small, this phone is now more comfortable then ever to use with one hand, as well as slip into any pocket with ease.

The Galaxy S7 on the other hand did not see as many changes as its Edged version. Samsung kept the already great design of its predecessor, the Galaxy S6, keeping its 5.1 inch display and aluminum sides. However, the S7 is now more comfortable to hold and easier to pick up off tables which is great for people who are always on and on-the-go. A big upgrade in design that will be a big hit for many is the flattened fingerprint scanner. By flattening it out, the Samsung S7 is much more like the iPhone now, and allows its users an easier way into the phone without having to struggle and find the perfect angel for scanning. It as well has decreased in camera hump keeping the phone smooth and sleek.


“Some of our most precious memories happen after dark. And this is the first smartphone camera to have a professional-grade Dual Pixel Sensor with which you’ll now be able to take crisp, clear photos in the dark. With Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, you own the night”.

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For many smartphone users, the camera of the phone is one of their most prized processions. For people who like to snap memories and update social media with their latest selfies- Samsung’s S7 has got their backs, along with their good sides. With its new 12 megapixel camera, the Samsung S7 has made it more comfortable to take pictures at any time of day. With a lower resolution, but larger pixel rate, the camera will let in 56% more light than before for the lower-light images that happen after hours.

This camera as well can focus up to 3x faster then before due to its dual-pixel system, making its camera very similar to the Canon DSLR cameras.

Samsung Pay

“With Samsung Pay, there’s little reason to carry around a wallet. It’s the only smartphone payment that’s accepted virtually anywhere a credit card is. Paying is as easy as pulling out your phone. And it’s secure with Samsung KNOX”.

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A much waited app is finally here and ready to be used by us Samsung lovers. What has yet to seem to come to Canada, has taken America by storm and we are jealously waiting our turn. With Samsung Pay, you do not need to carry around a wallet anymore. By simply storing your card on your smartphone, you can simply scan/tap your phone and use it as you would a credit card in almost all retailers.

“It makes transactions super easy. Just swipe up to launch the app, secure with your fingerprint, and hover over the card reader to pay”. The best part about this feature is that it is as safe as using your real card. With Samsung KNOX protection system your phone will not get hacked keeping all your important information as safe as can be. This system allows you to keep your payment information separate from your personal phone storage and makes sure not to store or share it.

Water & Dust Resistance

“The Galaxy S7 and S7 edge go everywhere you go. In the rain, the shower, or the pool. Up to 30minutes or 1.5 meters under. We’ve also worked out how to completely seal off the inside components while keeping micro USB ports, earphone jacks open, so you won’t have to fiddle with extra caps or covers”.

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The Samsung S7/S7 Edge has the magic ability of being water and dust resistant. A feature that though was apart of their much older models has come back full force- but better. For many of us Samsung users that didn’t get this advantage with our old phones (example: all of us Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung S6 Edge users!), it is something to truly cherish. Drop your phone in the toilet all you want, and forget to take it out of your pocket when you go for a swim because nothing will happen! (All you people going on Vacation and struggling to find a waterproof case that actually works- I’m with you on this)

This phone has an IP68 water and dust resistance, which allows its users the ability to submersion their phones in up to 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes at a time. With its waterproof sealed ports, there is no need for port covers over the USB ports or headphone jacks.


“We built a fine line of accessories especially for your Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. They range from cases that do more than just protect to chargers that give you power fast wherever you are”.

Like always, when Samsung has a release for a new phone, they like to follow the “go big or go home” motto. With the release of their new Samsung S7/ S7 Edge phone came a vast variety of new accessories. Some of our favourites include:

Battery packs and chargers

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This new and improved battery pack offers its users a larger capacity and faster charging capabilities improving the wireless charge. On top of its internal upgrades, Samsung did as well add in a stand onto their chargers to allow for a more aesthetic look and comfort. This charger can sit flat on the table or stand propped up so it is easier to use and see your phone as it charges.


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As always, with a new phone comes the need for new cases! Samsung has produced a new LED View Cover that includes and LED Display and controls via a touch interface. They also brought in a Clear View Cover, S View Cover, and once again brought back the traditional Leather/ TPU Case.

Keyboard and Camera Lenses

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As one of the greatest accessories I’ve seen Samsung release, The attachable camera lens and keyboard are some of my absolute favourites. For what seems to be the first time in a list of crazy innovations for Samsung, they have introduced a swappable camera lens that attaches over the top of the Samsung’s original Camera. Accessories like these have been around for years from 3rd party outfits, but these are coming directly from Samsung which means they are under warranty. and bound to always give you the best quality as it is designed specifically for their products. They will be available as either Telephoto or Wide Angle lenses.

Finally, Samsung has decided to broaden their target market by bringing in a blackberry style keyboard for their users that want the innovation of the Samsung Smartphone, but just can’t bring themselves to love the ability of the touch screen. By giving this option to their users, the broaden exactly who their users are which is incredible marketing in my opinion. This keyboard was apparently available for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ last year, but was not easy to obtain so well have to wait and see what they do with it this time around.

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