It seems as if no matter where you go or what you do Apple products are there working to make your life just a little bit easier. They have become so integrated into your everyday routine that you begin to forget that your life has been taken over by a brand.

Understandably, Apple has made its main goals and ambitions to revolve around the need to make everything in your life work together- to work through Apple. By doing so, the company has worked its way into your life subconsciously making your life dependent on these products knowing they are making things easier and less time consuming for you.

Between the new iPhones, Apple Watch, Apple Pay, HomeKit, HealthKit, iBeacon and even CarPlay, Apple has independently built your world around their brand. There is now a computer involved in your every interaction being conscious or unconscious.

You are now watched and calculated when you walk, when you sleep, when you pay, when you travel, and even when you don’t want to think. There is a computer paying more attention to the things you are doing than you do yourself. All of this happens within one computer all connected together by the computers in your home, on your wrist, in your pocket, and around your home.

Think that were being a little dramatic about all of this. Just think about it this way…

One morning you wake up and the lights start to come on thanks to the HomeKit you purchased. Its a bit hot outside as our dream land is happening on a warm summers day (we Canadians enjoy dreaming in the cold Winter) so as the lights come on and you’re waking up, your thermostat also begins to blow out some cold air to really wake you up.

Its time for your morning run as you’re finally getting into working on those New Year Resolutions from months ago, and your Apple Watch is thankfully there to track how far and fast you go. It keeps track of your pulse, calorie count, and keeps all that information recorded for you to check over later to see if there really is any improvement from yesterday. Since you hate losing track of emails, calls, and texts, the Apple Watch can keep track of all that too with its Bluetooth capabilities keeping you connected at all times.

Now, you’re finally back home and want a little music while you get ready for work. You turn on your favourite song or podcast from iTunes and begin your morning routines. As you move from kitchen, to bedroom, to bathroom, to closet, iBeacon follows your ever move allowing your Sonos hardware speakers installed around your house to keep the music following you no matter where you go. The sound is impeccable, keeping you on track before leaving the house.

As you move to your car, the podcast picks up where it left off through your Carplay keeping the rhythm you found yourself moving to continuing seamlessly. As you pull away from your house, the lights and air turn off keeping your power usage at a minimum.

This system that Apple has created for us is truly an amazing one to have. It all really starts by simply buying that iPhone. Then you get the tablet, the computer, and the networking begins. You become the brand, you associate yourself as an “apple person”. Once you have the first products, you begin to widen your horizons and buy more products under the same brand as they so easily connect to one another.

The Apple ecosystem has found a way to encompass its users entirely. The more we find ourselves interacting with the products, the more they begin to take over our daily lives.


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