As people no longer have the time to run around, clip coupons, and fight for their savings, companies today are working hard to keep potential customers shopping on the go. By taking out the need to run from store to store or look through every coupon mailed to your door, Kiwinano Technology Inc, a company operated from two countries with offices located in Toronto and China, has set its sights on making price matching a revolution for everyone.


It is only recently that the notion of price matching has finally started to become more popular and utilized, particularly as inflation is constantly rising and wages stay low, causing retailers to lose sales. The beauty of this sad situation however, is that it creates competition between retailers, who are fighting to get every last customer through
competitive pricing. With competitive pricing, price matching was born. Canada’s top upcoming price matching app, Kiwinano, is consistently working to eliminate the time consuming factor that is looking for deals, and making it all available for you in one place, via the app and/or website.

With an online webpage and phone app, Kiwinano collects information on all electronics from top Canadian electronic retailers and places them into one database. They then allow a user to price match each item individually between stores to see where they could get the best deal. Based on retail price match policies, Kiwinano calculates what discounts you can receive on each item respectively. With online reviews, product details, and price match information, Kiwinano makes it so a user does not need to go further than their phone to find out everything they may need.

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As two thirds of people use smartphones within their daily lives to do almost everything, the source of power is shifting into the palm of user’s hands. You can now shop, save, and research all from one convenient location no matter where you are or what you are doing. It is with this power that price matching has gone on the rise and propelled Kiwinano to be Canada’s favorite new upcoming price matching app.

By using Kiwinano’s quick and easy 3 step process, you are bound to always get the best price from any electronic retailer.

  1. Download your Kiwinano Phone App, or open our online website.
  2. Scan your product of choice, or input it manually.
  3. Show the cashier and leave with the best available price.

By using Kiwinano, we promise you will always leave the store with the lowest price and the best customer satisfaction!

If you are interested in checking this innovative app for yourself, click below and let us know what you think.

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What’s Next For Kiwinano?

Kiwinano is constantly working to upgrade both their webpage and their mobile apps. With weekly reviews, and new features being released, they continue to work towards achieving ultimate customer satisfaction.

With their latest UPS code scanner, and their upgraded app user interface, Kiwinano is integrating the users ability to price match while in store. This helps them purchase last minute items, or utilize the best last minute deals.

As well as updating their iOS and Android applications, Kiwinano works daily to update their webpage content. They look for the newest deals, sales, and products to add to their online collection. By working on keeping their online page up to date they allow their users to plan their purchases from home to keep them as efficient as possible.

Kiwinano also works on constantly updating their social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and their ongoing blog, to keep their loyal users updated on the best deals. By posting about the latest product releases, the biggest deals, and their product reviews- they work on continuously supporting their users in their search for the best products for them.

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“Kiwinano aims to change the concept of shopping, to saving”

Kiwinano however only only available in Canada at the moment is working to broaden their horizon. They plan to expand their product options as well as expanding their services further than just electronics and appliances. With time, Kiwinano plans to start helping people save on clothing, groceries, and more throughout both Canada and United States as a whole. This service is thought to be a hit for millennials (Born around: 1980s – 2000s) who are keen on not only saving time but also money. As their slogan says:

“Shop Smart. Save More”