old_electronicsMore often than not we come across our old electronics laying around at home because we were too attached to them to ever throw them away. But it has come to a point where hoarding has become a problem and we either need to reuse these items or throw them away! But lets be honest… throwing them away probably won’t happen…

Lucky for you, we have put together a list of ways you can transform all your old, dysfunctional, probably not working to well electronics into something new, and better yet, usable products.

iPods and mp3 Players

We normally believe that if an iPod or MP3 player has a bad battery and doesn’t give us the best sound or quality of music it becomes useless. However, these items are worth so much more than just their music giving capabilities.

A great way to reuse that old player is as a multimedia storage device. You can use it to store information, movies, pictures, and school/work documents. It becomes your own portable USB in a way that you can later use to hook up to a tv, or another computer to transfer or display files. Using an old player as a storage device is a cheaper way to get the space you need without breaking the bank to buy a separate one.

Computer Screen

cat-bed-monitor-2An old computer screen can be a great many things. You can empty out your old thick desktop screen (with great instructions preferable) and turn it into a home for your pet. These look great and take up practically no space! What cat wouldn’t want to live inside Apple’s late-1990s desktop right?

Another thing you can use your old desktop screen for if you switched over to a laptop is to turn your old screen into a mini Home Theater. Its easier than ever to use a desktop screen as a tv, and saves you the money of having to buy yourself a little tv for your smaller spaces.


A laptops lifespan isn’t always that great as newer models are always coming out, or it starts to become way to dependent on that wall plug to keep it going. A great way to use your old laptop once its trapped being plugged in at all times is as an external hard drive.

I am still using my first laptop as a storage space for all my old pictures, videos, doc files, and music. It becomes an external hard drive you can rely on with a large RAM capacity size compared to a lot of other options.

You can then also use these laptops to watch movies on which is always a plus!


With new and more energy-efficient flat screens hitting the market almost daily, hanging on to your old TV set can be a struggle. But if your older model won’t broadcast an NFL game with the same clarity as a newer version, resist the urge to ditch the set. Instead, give the TV to someone who is more concerned with watching movies or playing video games than following cable channels. Older sets still play DVDs or video games with solid picture quality.

Gaming Console

Gaming Consoles are one of the only electronics I have a true trouble getting rid of. My old Nintendo 64 and Sony console will forever sit in my closet until my future children can get as much joy out of it as I have!

However, for people who are not as sentimental over forcing their children to play with an old console instead of investing in the newest Play Station of Xbox, a great way to repurpose your old console and its accessories is by turning a controller into an charging dock for your current electronics.

You can turn your old Nintendo 64 controller into a phone dock by simply opening it up, emptying it and wiring through your charger. This is a great way to incorporate some gaming-themed accessories to your office or home desk.


There is really no better way to end your year than to clean out the old and prepare for the new. I always believed that the way you start your year is how you will spend the rest of it. So make sure your year is filled with the coolest new electronics, and a clutter free space.

End this year with a bang, and have a fabulous 2016!