It is never easy shopping for the woman in your life. Its a fact, no girl is ever really easy to shop for. You want the gift to not only be perfect, but meaningful in some way. Nothing ever seems like it is good enough, big enough, or extravagant enough for that perfect person. They already have everything, so what more can you give them?

Well here are a few options that will make any woman in your life smile!


Did someone say Coffee?

Coffee is a big part of almost everyones life- some people more than others. We all know those people who can’t function properly throughout the day without at least a few cups of coffee to keep them going. Yes it is an addiction. No, we will never give it up.

There are no better gifts for your coffee addicts than coffee itself. Help them- be apart of the problem. Its more fun that way anyway.
Keurig® 2.0 K400 Brewer, Red

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mmm, Tea please!

After the coffee addicts come the loyal tea lovers. It is as if the population divides itself equally between the coffee lovers and the tea loyals. Notice I don’t say tea “lovers” because these people do not only love their tea, but they are loyal to it and try to only drink this at all times.

Our tea loyals will find a way to always have tea on them at all time. We finish a cup and then move on to making the next. So why not give your tea lover a means to have this tea. One of my favourite gifts is a kettle, because realistically you won’t have tea without one.

Some other options that can be included as add ons are cup sets, thermoses and tea chest. These will help your tea lovers on the go.

Cuisinart TEA100C PerfecTemp Programmable Tea Steeper & Kettle

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WINE- because we all have that one friend…

Wine is a pretty self explanatory gift. We all have that one friend who while reading this we can already imagine within our heads. The best gift to give them is wine, wine, and maybe some more wine. Then when all the wine is given, some company in drinking it is always good.

Wine is the gift that keeps on giving in so many ways… You give it, then you help drink it. Whats better?

A great gift for the woman close to you who really do love their wine, who collect, and who just enjoy having it as decor is a brand new wine cellar. They have many options of different sizes that can fit into all homes depending on how loyal they really are to this obsession. This gift is not only decor for the home, but a neat way to store all the wine bottles you have hidden away.

Koolatron 12-Bottle Deluxe Wine Cellar (WC12-35D) – Black

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Now once you’ve given this amazing gift of wine, with a little more wine on the side there is just one more quick accessory we highly recommend. How about a wine opener, because realistically unless you’re willing to break the top open on the table top, you’ll need some way to get into that stash to drink it all.

Kalorik 2-in-1 Stainless Steel Wine Opener and Preserver

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Kitchen Supplies For the Betty Crocker In Your Life 

There are a lot of woman out there that truly enjoy standing in the kitchen creating new recipes, trying out new ideas, and cooking/baking away for hours. They enjoy the thrill that cooking gives them. Now i’ve never experienced this cooking high since I see a kitchen as an accessory that is mandatory when getting a place, but I hear from others that its marvellous for some.

One of the best gifts to give the cook in your life is a brand new Kitchen Aid mixer. This is one of the top of the line mixers out there right now, and is the best for almost all recipes. You can use it for baking the perfect deserts for your family this holiday season, or making an everyday dinner for yourself. Plus it looks great in any kitchen.

KitchenAid® Custom Tilt-Head Stand Mixer, Red

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Another great product on the market to give anyone really is a brand new Magic Bullet Blender. This item is one of my favourites for the woman who love starting their days with smoothies. Or go to the gym and want to make themselves a quick protein shake afterwards. Its one of those appliances that you really can’t go wrong with.

Magic Bullet Blender

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Hold On! I need a picture!

A picture is worth a thousand words. With a brand new camera, you may never get the pleasure of silence again. For those woman who love going out, exploring, having their pictures taken, and taking pictures themselves there is really no better gift than a brand new camera! This is a present that will last, it is something that can be carried with you at all times and be used anytime of the year with expiration.

A picture is a way to capture an amazing memory, and who doesn’t love those.

When it comes to cameras there are two amazing options. For the girl who enjoys something a bit more old school and unique, a brand new FujiFilm Instax camera is the way to go. These pictures are more authentic because you have a limited amount per film pack. With an instant camera you get the physical image right away to have and store forever.

Fujifilm Instax 300 Wide Camera With 10 Exposures

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Now, if the woman in your life likes to snap thousands of pictures at once, and cares more about storing them on a computer than having the physical copy on her a digital Powershot is perfect. The Canon Powershot is a great camera that can be stored in any purse or pocket with its small size. Its a comfortable, easy to use camera for the woman on the move. This camera also comes in a large variety of colours so you get the option of getting the one that fits your ladies personality perfectly.

Canon Powershot ELPH 

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For those picture loving girls in your life that prefer to snap pictures with their smartphones but also enjoy having printed versions of their favorites, the LG wireless pocket printer is a great option! With this printer, you take a picture with your smartphone and wirelessly connect to the printer to print only the pictures you want. This is a great blend between digital and instant cameras because you get best of both worlds. Take as many pictures as you want without a limit, and choose what you’d like to have printed out.
LG Wireless Pocket Photo Printer

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Superwoman to the rescue- The cook, the mom, and the business woman!

We all have that one woman in our lives who we look up to as our own personal superwoman. She’s a mom, a cook, a wife, a business woman- she encompasses so many different lives, personalities, traits all into one and makes doing this all look so easy.

A great gift for the superwoman in our lives is a new tablet. With this she can better organize her life; use it as a cook book, entertain the kids, entertain herself, shop, work, ect. The possibilities are endless with a tablet because with such a large variety of application you can really do anything.

Now the type of tablet you choose is entirely up to you. Everyone has their own preferences if they are Apple lovers or Samsung, so find out who she is and give her the great gift of a brand new tablet!

Apple Ipad Mini 4th Generation

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A

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eReaders because bookworms are the best people.

When I was younger my parents always told me the best present to give and receive was a new book. Of course growing up I thought this was the worst idea possible- why would anyone want a new book when there were so many other gift options out there? That was until I started to have more responsibilities and realized just how amazing a book was.

With a great book the reader has the ability to escape their own lives and universe and go somewhere completely different. A book gives you the ability to do anything, be anyone, and it seems magical for as long as you are reading it.

With a new eReader you give a person the ability to store as many books as they want giving them the option to jump between stories at any time. With their light weight and small size they are easier than ever to carry around on the go and store anywhere.

Kindle Paperwhite 6″ with Built in Wifi and Light

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Kobo Aura 6″ eReader

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Headphones for The Music Lover

Whether you’re on the go, at the gym, at work, or in school a good pair of headphones can really make or break your mood. The happiness that comes with music is one of a kind. With a new pair of headphones you can easily block out the sounds around you and focus on whatever it is you are doing.

Beats urBeats In-Ear Headphones

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External Battery for The Woman On The Go

As almost everyone uses smartphones we are all aware of the not so great battery life that comes with them. Sometimes it is not always convenient to plug your phone charger into a wall and you need your battery to last just another hour but of course it dies right in the middle of something important. With the use of an external batter you can charge your phone as well as any other electronic anywhere, anytime. For the woman who carries a purse at all times a gift like this is easy to store and have on you at all times for those emergencies.

We all know that one person who’s phone is always dead so lets help them change that.

Logiix LGX-10815, Piston Power External Battery for Smartphones

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