The holiday season is quickly approaching, and all the gamers around the world are quickly writing their letters to Santa asking for the perfect gift of a brand new Console System.

Now, for those of you that don’t know why a console is the perfect gift this season, let me tell you… It is a marvellous distraction from the real world- an alternate universe where you can escape, run away, kill the bad guys, and just be overly cool in every possible way.

But what console is the best for you you may ask? Well your questions have been answered, and once again I am here to save the day! Take a look at a quick and easy summary of the pros and cons between the Xbox One and the PS4 and find out just which one is best for you!

Game Selection

Whats a console without a great set of games to go along with it? A question everyone should be adding into their wish list as a small hint to Santa to include a few options to start the year off right!

Both consoles were comparing here offer hundreds of great unique titles, and each console has their own set of exclusives made just for them. As Microsoft and Sony each produce and sponsor games and developers there are always a huge selection to choose from. A game could really make or break your option so maybe make a list of what games matter to you most While the vast majority of third-party games are available on both, the first-party titles are quite different.

Currently the Xbox One has the upper hand when it comes to their exclusive games lineup as they are more exclusive to most of the games out there that people are lining up for. This trend is predicted to last for a while as Windows 10 is pairing up their PC games with the Xbox One giving gamers a huge variety.

Sony’s lineup on the other hand in comparasion has fallen behind but that could soon change. It is believed that 2016 is shaping up very well for PS4 owners, as massively anticipated games like Uncharted 4, The Last Guardian, Street Fighter V, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and No Man’s Sky will be available as exclusives aimed to launch at various dates throughout the year. These will provide gamers with several high-profile options that will be completely absent on Xbox One.

Another benefit to owning Sony’s latest console is the impressive number of smaller indie games available as they are high supporters of smaller game development companies.

Overall, if you’re looking for big games to play right now, the Xbox One might be the better choice for the immediate future. However, Sony is looking up for next year and the verdict may change drastically.

Our Winner: It’s a Tie!


A game isn’t much if the performance just isn’t there. Because a lot of the third party games are shared between consoles, the performance of the console itself is very important. The PS4 is well known for being the more powerful or the two options. With its 1080p resolution in comparison to the Xbox One’s 920p, it is a better option for a better quality product. With the newer high quality tv’s, a difference that would normally not be noticed by many will now be seen.

However, keep in mind that these differences are only ones that are being applied to the third-party games where the two versions can be compared side-by-side, and not all games in total. If you are using a first-party-title this difference will not be noticed as they are made for the console specifically and will look great regardless making both consoles equal.

Our Winner based on third party game comparison: PS4

Backward Compatibility

A quick summary for the new time gamers who like me did not know exactly what backward compatibility was: this is the consoles ability to play games initially designed for older systems.

The PS4 is having some troubles when it comes to backward compatibility as it currently does not offer this bringing our love for it a bit down. The only option currently available when you want to play some of the older games is through PlayStation Now. This service will allow you to rent out the games you want for a price. However, the downside of renting a game through PSNow is the performance of the game as it will be slower and the quality won’t be as good as it is not meant for this system. On top of the slow performance is the sad catalog of games available as well. This means if you really want to play something, new or old you will always be spending money to do so… Your wallet may not be happy with this option.

The Xbox One in this case takes the crown when it comes to saving a few extra dollars. It is offering backwards compatibility for a select number of games right now, but promising to increase this number with time. By inserting your old games into the system, you will be given the ability to download a digital version onto your Xbox One giving you the better quality, and performance of the game. If you are already a console owner and have the games, this can  be your make it or break it point as you will be saving money on games with this system.

Our Winner: Xbox One


Apps are slowly becoming one of the more important functions people are looking for when purchasing items. They want the ability to do more with their electronics and technologies than simply what it is intended for. Why have a pile up of items sitting connected to your television when you can have it all conveniently located in one system right? Saves you money, times, space, everything.

Both our consoles have been built with this exact need in mind. They are no longer just intended for the gamer, but for the entire family now. “Microsoft has spoken time and time again regarding its bold vision for a world where the Xbox One is the only box in your living room, and believe it or not, the One is quickly achieving that vision”. This console is quickly becoming both a streaming box (taking out your apple tv) and your beloved gaming console, and unlike the PS4 counterpart, the system is designed to operate your cable box and record regular programming as well. Seems to be a miracle box versus a gamers dream at this point.

Both consoles feature the usual third-party subscription services such as Netflix and Amazon Instant Video, along with app offerings like Hulu Plus, HBO Go, Twitch, Ustream, and Crackle. However, Xbox One has extended its usual list of apps that both consoles carry to also include some big names that aren’t available on the PS4 yet, such as Skype, Pandora, ESPN, and Fox Now.

Our Winner based on its larger than life list of App Options: Xbox One

Online Service

When it comes to its online service, both consoles do offer this ability. With PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold, users are given the ability to access online games, free monthly games, sale discounts, and other great special features for an annual fee.

The Xbox Live Gold costs a total of $60/year, while the PlayStation Plus comes in with only a $50/year fee. This simple $10 difference can make a big difference to some people when it comes to having to pay for other things, or even more games especially as both services are so similiar.

Our Winner: PS4

Console and Controller Design

This is one of the easiest categories to pick a winner just by looking at the two systems.

The PS4 is slim, sleek, and lightweight, featuring an attractive light bar on the side and a sloping front and back. The Xbox One is a much bulkier box that takes up more room just by the way it stands.

As for both of the controllers of the systems, the standard Xbox One controller retains many of the core elements of the 360 controller -which was counted as one of the best designs available in the past- along with two more rumble motors and one less bulky battery pack on the back.

However, the PS4 controller, on the other hand, has shown us a large improvement when being compared to its previous models. It’s bigger and comes baring outward-curving triggers. It now comes with a clickable touchpad on the front and a multi-function light bar. Plus, the embedded thumb pads are normal sized making it much more convenient to use.

Our Winner: PS4


When it comes to having a console with an easy setup, the Sony PS4 wins in our books without a doubt. The install process as well as the updating of the firmware is quick and painless unlike the Xbox One which seems to take forever and an instruction manual.

Our Winner: PS4


Now, the verdict is in and the numbers were close, but the winner this year is of course the Sony PS4!

Taking everything above into account, while both consoles certainly offer a lot, Sony’s PlayStation 4 has the brightest future when it comes to gaming.

However, not all hope is lost yet for the Microsoft Xbox One, as in my opinion this is the winning console when it comes to saving money! Though the future looks bright for the PS4, within the next month Xbox One will be compatible with all your old Xbox games, so if you are already a gamer and have the old Xbox the switch over should be easy and way more worth your while.

It is evident that Microsoft has a longer-term vision for Xbox One than we can tell right now. It is believed that they are planning to merge this console with various other Windows 10 like games broadening its abilities. This is a pretty big deal considering Windows is and has always been at the core of PC Gaming bringing in a cross-platform between Xbox One players and PC gamers.


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