As a generation, we have begun caring more about our health than ever before. From eating better, sleeping proper hours, and tracking our fitness activity, we have gone the extra mile so to speak in working on a way to live longer. Thats the ultimate goal in the end- a longer life, right?

This generation has worked harder than ever before to cheat time; to find a way to prosper above the aging process through our ability and dedication to keeping our bodies as healthy as possible.

It is through constant fitness challenges, and our need to compete against ourselves that we are able to push our bodies to another level of health. 

With a fairly priced product that can take the work out of tracking our fitness ourselves like the Fitbit, we have been given the ability to keep tabs on how were sleeping, how healthy we are, and how healthy we want to be become. Through the current four activity tracker wristbands that Fitbit has produced for us– the Fitbit Flex, Fitbit Charge, Fitbit Charge HR, and Fitbit Surge- we can decided what it is we want better than ever before. As each band produces more and more features, we have the ability to decide how much we really want to know about our own bodies.

Now the question is… Which band is best for you?

Fitbit Flex: Best For Simple Everyday Use


The Fitbit Flex is the lowest costing activity tracker of the four bands and is great in many ways. With its simplistic design, and large variety of colours it becomes the accessory everyone wants. Though its features are minimal in comparison to the other bands, it does keep track of your everyday needs. By calculating steps, calories, distance, and sleep, this band will give you the breakdown of information a person should keep track of daily in order to pursue a healthier lifestyle.

This is the perfect band for the everyday individual to have. It connects easily to your smartphone and computer, so you can check nightly or even weekly how your progress is going.

With its low cost, it is an accessory that the everyday person should invest in. You don’t need to be a fitness buff to want to keep track of your health.

Features Available: Steps, Calories, Distance, Sleep Tracking, Alarm, Active Minutes

Fitbit Charge: Not Here Nor There….


The Fitbit Charge is an upgrade from the flex, but still a downgrade from the HR. It is a tracker stuck in limbo. The Fitbit Charge lacks a container heart rate monitor that can be found in the HR, and it is not a powerful enough band for multi sport fitness. 

However, with only a $20CAD difference between the Charge and the Flex, it can be an upgrade for the everyday user. With a few convenient extra features such as the clock and called ID display included into this fitness band, the small difference in price can be a good deal. 

With its thicker band, and more subtle colouring, the Charge includes a clock on its front display allowing it to not only be an accessory attached to a wrist already displaying other products- but be that one ultimate product. With its unique design, it becomes a fitness tracker displayed as a simple smartwatch.  

Features Available:  Steps, Calories, Distance, Clock, Sleep Tracking, Auto Sleep Detection, Alarm, Floors Climbed, Active Minutes, Caller ID

Fitbit Charge HR: Best Overall Fitness Tracker

best fitness tracker

The Fitbit Charge HR seems to be the best product out of the bunch. Again with only a small upgrade in price from the original charge, it gives a huge upgrade in product. 

Not only is the design great, but it comes in three sizes to fit a variety of wrists. The colours give the band a unique change, and the hidden heart rate monitor under the band allows you to keep accurate track of your health as it is continuously working. 

This band is great for regular gym goers or casual exercisers who want to accurately log a range of fitness activities, classes and workouts. It tracks nearly all exercises, keeping your results as accurate as possible. Along with its smart called ID feature, it gives you the freedom to workout without missing a beat.

Features Available: Steps, Calories, Distance, Clock, Sleep Tracking, Auto Sleep Detection, Alarm, Floors Climbed, Active Minutes, Multi Sport, Continuous Heart Rate, Caller ID

Fitbit Surge: Best Multi-Activity Tracker

The Fitbit Surge is the most extravagant of the set of bands for fitness tracking. However with its huge jump in price, it becomes questionable if it is really worth the cost. 

Like the Fitbit Charge HR, the Surge has a built in heart rate monitor in the band in order to keep continuous track of your pulse and your everyday activity. The major upgrade of this band in comparison to the HR is its GPS integration.

This feature is great from the everyday runner, or cycler, but is not needed for the regular gym goer.

Along with its GPS integration, the band as well displays calls, texts and notifications in full from your smartphone, making it a great accessory for the user on the go. 

As this watch is aimed towards a certain target of fitness professionals, we do not believe that it is the “best overall fitness tracker”.

Features Available: Steps, Calories, Distance, Clock, Sleep Tracking, Auto Sleep Detection, Alarm, Floors Climbed, Active Minutes, Multi Sport, Continuous Heart Rate, Caller ID, Text Notifications, Music Control, GPS Tracking

We believe that the Fitbit Charge HR is the best product for the everyday individual keeping a close eye on their health and fitness. By having the ability to track your movements, and heart rate within a variety of activities, it becomes the all in one super watch. With its fair price, and its vast variety of features, it is the fitness band to have.

Check it out, and decide for yourself- you will not regret it.