UnknownFriday the 13th has long been a time of fear and superstition filling the lives of the Western society. As the third Friday the 13th of 2015 what better way to celebrate than adding a little spook to your day. There is nothing scarier than a moment in time captured within a frame of a photograph- and what that photograph may see.

A photograph has been said to have the power to steal a soul, see a persons aura, or maybe even catch a ghost in its tracks. Photographs are a mythical item as they cary so much power within the superstitions people give them. They will catch a moment and save it for as long as time can tell and with this, their power will be everlasting.

The power of a photo changes across the world as each country has its own folklore, and here today we will tell you a few scary superstitions for you to decide what you want to believe in.

Do You Still Have Your Soul?

One of the largest growing superstitions around the world has come to teach us that if you are photographed without your permission, the photographer is stealing your soul through the camera. This idea has come from the original superstition of a mirror holding the soul of a person and when you break that mirror you are breaking their soul.

By photographing a person, you are capturing their soul (as a mirror would) and taking it with you. You now have full control over this image as it is in your possession and the damage to their soul is in your hands.

This superstition started with the natives with the introduction of photography, and still carries through today within many different religions and culture folklore.

Monkey In The Middle

Superstition has said that it is unlucky to take a picture of a group of three people because the middle person will die first. Though this superstition is being fair and not saying they will die right away, but they will die first among the group of three. So though their lives may be long and prosperous, their fates have been chosen through the power of the camera.

Now when will your next group shot be?

The Power Of A Portrait 

This superstition, a bit more fair and less deathly than the others says that if a portrait hangs on the wall crooked, there will be bad luck. Like the broken mirror, or walking under a ladder, bad luck seems to scare people more than anything else. Nobody wants to live a long life if they’re gonna be miserable right? Keep your portraits hanging straight, because if the luck isn’t enough, let the look of the rest of the house at least be nice.

Pain And Suffering

The darkest of all superstitions are the ones that promote death and suffering. Like most dark, mysterious, superstitions that scare others more than any are the type that say they hold some sort of magic. Promising the control over another persons life through the use of photography is terrifying all on its own. A few superstitions surrounding the control of another life through a picture include: If you turn a picture of a friend of yours upside down, he will have a headache and, Bury the picture of your enemy face down in the direction that Jesus Christ was buried, that is, with head toward the west. As the picture fades, your enemy’s life will fade. Now why would anyone ever want to kill a person just because they didn’t like them? If you already have their picture then it must mean at some point you were friends right? Im sure you can work out your problems another way…

Finally, a superstition that I grew up taught was that you cannot take a picture of a newborn baby. I never really understood the point of this until now. Apparently, by taking a picture of a newborn, you can decrease their lifespan through the “bad luck” someone may send through the picture when they see it. Please people, leave our babies alone.

The Supernatural

Finally, the camera has been said to hold the power to see into another dimension so to speak. The camera has the power of a third eye. It can capture the image of a ghost, or see a persons aura. People have gone to psychics for just these types of images. To find out if they’ve been cursed in some way, or if they are being haunted. There have been images throughout history portraying ghost like blurs allowing this superstition to continue into the present day.camera

The fear of a photograph causing harm is widespread around the world. People fear the unknown, and a photograph can capture just that. Superstitions will be passed down from generation to generation throughout all cultures, and believing in them can only make life a little more interesting.

The power you can have over a photograph and how it is later perceived is unexplainable. The control you receive as photographer and story teller can change the way any moment is captured and then told. Allow yourself this power and you will have the voice it takes to have people listen.

Get yourself a camera today and take the power of author today.