downloadThe power of a good camera is endless. It allows you the ability to capture a moment in time that you can later share with the world. What a picture can capture and hold within it is the most authentic version of any story and you as the photographer are the author.

Nikon has come out with a camera unlike any other. The D5200 is an affordable beginners camera for the author in you waiting to emerge, but with the technology and power of an advanced DSLR. The Nikon D5200 is a one of a kind piece of technology that will offer you a one of a kind set of features to help you take your photography to the next level. With its 24.1 megapixel sensor and expeed 3 processor, the Nikon D5200 offers more resolution than Nikon has ever before offered for a camera of this level.

With the Nikon D5200 you can do more with a single camera shot than you ever imagined.

A Picture Worth A Thousand Words

The Nikon D5200 has made it possible to capture every aspect of the world around. It has the ability of creativity and flexibility sketched into its very design.With a 921,000-dot vari-angle display, you can now shoo from any position. Capture the crowd around you or the flowers below your feel- anything is possible with the Nikon D5200.

12011355_701504159985423_3048206048956319319_nA big problem for many new photographers is getting the right lightening into each shot. The sun is either to bright, or the skies are too dark so the clarity is never what you want. Until now. For the shots in either an area to bright, or to dark, the Nikon D5200 has taken it all into consideration and given you the best fix possible. They know that you may not be advanced with cameras yet, and you may not always have backup lightening or shades in your back pocket so they have added in an HDR (High Dynamic Range) option. With this the camera will take two shots at different exposures and blend them into one. This allows the image to have the best option possible for its coloring and clarity.
On top of its HDR feature to get the perfect image, Nikon D5200 has included built-in effects and filters to get the perfect shot each time. With the possibility of built in features, you no longer need to spend hours editing each picture to look unique and different from the one before. The Nikon D5200 allows you to now isolate a single colour, make your image mysterious with black and white colouring, miniaturize an image or have it grow- the possibilities are endless.

Share Your Story 

What’s better than having the ability to share your memories the minute they’re happening? A moment in time captured and shared is like no other- you allow yourself the chance to open up; to share your joy with people who are unable to be there in that second with you. Its magical as it gives others the option to be apart of your memories.

Secondary-2b-RemoteThe Nikon D5200 has given you the ability to not only create the perfect picture, capture that moment, but share it too. With the D5200, you have the chance to share your photos with the optional WU-1a Wireless Mobile Adapter. With this you can instantly transfer your pictures onto your smartphone device via Wi-Fi and share them with whoever you choose.

Along with your wireless adapter, comes its Long Range Remote Control. This remote makes taking pictures easier and hassle free. Instead of setting up a timer and feeling rushed to get into the perfect position, this allows you to take your time and make each picture perfect. A remote control can be one of the most convenient accessories you can have really. The new WR-R10 and WR-T10 Wireless Remote Controllers communicate using radio frequencies, so you have full control over each shot. You no longer need to be in direct line of sight between the two devices so your pictures can be unique and different. No more group shots directly in the middle of a great background view- move over and let that sunrise shine.

With these two devices combined, your Nikon D5200 has gained its triple threat. It is not only an amazing camera to use for the perfect picture, but you can now use your smartphone as a form of monitor to see what the camera sees through its Wi-Fi capabilities while using the remote to take the picture from a far. The original Selfie Stick but better.

Note: These functions require an Android or iOS device and Nikon’s free Wireless Mobile Adapter Utility app, available on Google Play and the iTunes App Store.

Make It A Video
When a picture can no longer capture the story you are trying to tell, why not make a video? As the years pass, the use of videos have minimized which is not always a good thing. Though a picture will always be worth a thousand words, a video can speak those words to you.
With a high-quality Full HD (1080p) Video Recording capability, the Nikon D5200 brings back the option of capture not only a moment in time but time itself. Save those memories so one day when memories are lost, you can re-watch them happen as if it was the first time.
Nikon D5200 has made its camera around the latest innovations in movie making. With its HD 1080p clarity and visibly smoother sequences, the camera can capture a moving subject sharper and more focused than before. Never forget another face with the instant detect and track option for up to 35 faces in one scene alone.
Along with its video capabilities, Nikon D5200 has also included a built-in stereo microphone to capture the laughter of all your favorite memories. This microphone has the ability to be controlled both automatically or manually via a 20 incremental steps which is a first for Nikon HD-SLRs. It no longer matters what you are video taping- as the quality will always be that of perfection.
What Do We Rate This Camera? An Almost Perfect 4.5/5

D5200 rating

The price of a happy memory is limitless, but should not cost you a fortune. The Nikon D5200 is a great product of its kind as it is fairly priced, great for begininers, and captures pictures in high quality every time.

Check out this camera today and you will not regret it. Make every moment count, and never risk missing a chance to capture it again.