You can spend 8 hours in an office and accomplish nothing. We’ve all done it, and most of us will continue to do it. You spend your days at work, doing something of course or else you wouldn’t have a job- but that something still feels like nothing. It feels unfinished in a way.

Most people can finish a task in 5 minutes and be onto the next one, while the rest of us can take that same 5 minute project and do it within a span of an hour because our minds are just not in it. We are bored.

The only way to fix this problem, to bring yourself back up from the ground, is simply to enjoy your job again- I mean you liked it at some point or you wouldn’t be there. You have to make your workplace personal. By personalizing your job to fit you again, it will no longer feel like work. By prioritizing your work, making a plan, focusing, creating, making a difference, your job will go back to being something you enjoy spending your time doing, rather than wasting your time with.

Perfect Your Productivity, & You Will Perfect Your Job.

startup_working_around_table-1170x780Optimizing Your Environment

Do you prefer a little noise and constant movement in your peripheral vision? Or, silence and a lack of color to keep your eyes from moving around? Some people focus better in a coffee shop where things are always moving, or a noisy office with some music playing in their ear at all time- they need that steady noise. They find it better to stay focused while the people around them are unfocused. While others can’t bear a single sound while trying to get their work done.They need a work environment of complete isolation. A single noise will distract them from their train of thought and they may never get it back. They need the white walls, the clean desk, and the focus. They get their best work done in one single sitting of no distractions.

The key is to find out what works best for you. When it comes to being utterly productive you must find the perfect setting for yourself. Your environment will make or break your concentration.

Another important aspect to optimizing your work environment to perfect your personal productivity is having a clean work space. If you are sitting at a desk covered in papers, food wrappers, coffee cups, binders, etc. you will never find what you are looking for. You end up spending more time throwing around the already mess looking for the right file than you do working.

A good way to deal with your work space is to simply decorate it. Personalizing your work space makes it easier to spend most of your day there. When you are comfortable you work better. You are motivated to be there because you already have everything you need right in front of you. Add a few picture frames, some motivational quotes, and even a plant and you will already feel better about what you are doing causing you to work better.

Make A List

12189782_10153306604793253_271430143447367608_nWhat is it that people say on the holidays? Make a list, and check it twice? Well it isn’t exactly a Christmas shopping list were thinking about, but none the less the saying sticks. Making a list every morning, or even the night before helps change your work day entirely. It will organize you and give you a plan for what needs to be done. When you sit down to write this list you will be surprised at how many tasks you really have to do in a day. Without a list you end up flying blind during the day, and then end up rushing to finish a project last minute which is the worst work ethic there is.

Make a list and schedule time slots if it helps push you to work more efficiently. Set deadlines for each task ahead of time so you know what you have to get done and when you need it done by. Take the tasks that need to be done everyday and schedule your projects around them. By making time slots for the first few weeks you will force yourself into a schedule that will work for you so you no longer need to make those lists.

Continuously evaluate how you manage your workload during the week. By figuring out what types of tasks take longer than others you will begin to perfect your productivity.

Do Not expect to get everything done all at once. Somethings are more important than others and will need more attention from you. With big projects, leave at least 1-2 weeks until the final deadline. You can never expect the unexpected situations that seem to always arise, or those last minute tasks given to you.

Timing Is Everything

It becomes impossible to get work done when sleepyou feel like you are not 100% aware of what you are doing, or just simply not there mentally. If you find yourself sitting at your desk and you’re just not into what you are doing than don’t do it. Don’t waste your time as well as everyone working with you if you feel as though you are not giving your task all your attention.You wont be able to do a good job anyway so why do it twice when you can leave it for later and do a good job the first time. Move on to something easier and maybe less important.

When optimizing your personal productivity at work you have to find a time where you are most aware and productive and use it for your most important daily tasks that require all your undivided attention. If you feel as though you just can’t give your work your all at 9am, ask your boss to let you start at 10. That extra hour can cause a huge difference in your work ethic, and though you are working an hour less in a day, you are getting double the amount of work done.

Also, make sure to always set planned breaks into your day. If you work in an office where you are glued to your chair at all times, get up and walk around. Move to a different available office if it is possible, or go on a short break to grab yourself a coffee. A change of scenery will help you gain your concentration back if you lost it. As I said earlier, your environment will make or break your work productivity, so make sure you find one that works.

Perfecting your personal productivity at work is hard and can not be masted within a day. It takes time to find a routine that works for you and an environment where you feel most comfortable and creative. Prioritize what is important, make your lists, and stick to it until you can learn to work without them. Once you set your routine and stick to it nothing will go wrong. Stay focused and enjoy what you do- that is key to personal productivity.

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