Halloween is that one time of the year where you no longer have to be yourself. You can be anyone, anything, from any time period or any world. The options are limitless and can take you anywhere your imagination will allow. The best part too, you do not have to settle on one costume and that’s it. Not only do you have the option of being someone different every year for the rest of your life, you can also be someone different at least 3 times in the same weekend. Halloween parties are never ending and give you the opportunity to try out different looks on different days.

top-halloween-costumes-2015According to Google Canada people begin looking for their perfect costumes at least 5 days before the event happens. For the year of 2015 the most popular costume searches have been: Harley Quinn, Baymax (from Big Hero 6), and of course Donald Trump beating out last years Obama costume.

Some other popular costume searches have been the every year favorites:The Joker, Cruella Deville, Minions, Mad max, Batman, Star Wars characters, Minecraft (how do you even dress up like Minecraft?), Princess Peach, Black Widow, The Purge, and Deadpool. The amount of evil dark costumes is mind blowing. People take the scare of Halloween to a whole new level with “bad guy” costumes- either making them super sick and scary or super sexy.

When it comes to dressing up, the options are there for the taking. To bad, not everyone always knows what to wear to certain occasions. Like the usual awkward person who is never aware of the unwritten “dress code”, Halloween has some guidelines for what to wear and where to wear it.

The Office Party

Once finally entering the working field of adulthood, the yearly office parties for most holidays become mandatory. It is a time that employers feel they need to make the office feel more free and open to their employees. A good time to let lose, have a drink and mingle.gnome-adult-plus-couples-costume-couple1

Even if your office is not having a designated time for a party, they do usually encourage
their employees to dress up, take pictures, and show just how fun working at “blank” really is.

With the office party, the way people dress is very important. Although it is always fun to be someone completely different, there are limits. You want to leave the face masks and the dark scary makeup at home. Here you should strive for something more classy, cute, funny. A way to make your coworkers smile, HR not write you up, and keep your customers if you have any entertained. Your clothing should be to the knee or longer, no inappropriate slogans, and no excess showing of skin like Halloween has taught ladies to do.

Overall, keep the office Halloween outfit funny, something to laugh about later on when a big picture is posted on the wall for everyone to see.

The House Party

The house party is a great way to sex up your Halloween look, and add a little more detail to your outfit. Here girls can show a bit more skin, and men can bust out the most inappropriate space consuming thing they can find. Boys like to transform into objects, while girls like to be the next angel or bunny (less is more right?).

Jgenie-in-the-lamp-costumeust keep in mind, within a house party, not every house will be okay with guests keeping their shoes on so plan your outfits accordingly. Try to wear some socks or make an appointment to the nail salon asap.

Again, dress to impress. House parties are the best places to get your picture taken. People will remember what you are wearing here because there will always be an embarrassing picture to show the world later on. Make sure you like every part of your outfit for this one because there is no going back.

The Night On The Town

Downtown clubs are notorious for their Halloween parties. This night is one of the biggest money grabbers for downtown clubs, and bars. People dress to impress if not more on Halloween when they are spending the night out. Your outfit from hair to shoes matters. There is no such a thing as too much or too little for a night on the town. As it is cold by the time Halloween night comes around, maybe a layer or two may be a good call but lets be honest, nobody wants to put on more clothing than they have to on a night like this.Bagatelle-Beach-Supper-Club-Guests-Wear-Masks-to-Celebrate-Halloween-1

This is the time that girls like to be as sexy as possible. Nobody cares about “best costume” anymore, the real competition is which girl wore it best.

As for the men, here less is definitely more for you. Keep the costumes more simple, because if your costume is bumping everyone with every step you get nobody will be having a good time. Stick to the caveman look and not the genies bottle.

Halloween is a night filled with all sorts of memories. It is a night where you are a different person in anyway you’d like. For some, remembering the night is not always easy, so make sure to get a backup solution so you never forget because who knows, you may never be this person again.

There is nothing more authentic and special than a photograph. It is a memory you can take along with you for the rest of your life. It is a capture of time that you may never get back again, so cherish it.

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