Samsung has done it again and produced a phone beyond all expectations. With its newest invention, a double sided curved edge makes the clarity of its images not only better, but more exciting to look at. With a curved edge, Samsung allows its users the ability to see each image as a 3D object moving along the front screen.

As Samsungs newest motto is going, bigger is better. They have lately been producing more and more phones that resemble more to be tablets than anything else. With its larger screen, the users are capable of doing more on the go. We are now able to work from anywhere because the large screen allows us to see better, and with its split screen capabilities multitasking has never been easier.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is a great phone for anyone who adores the phablets. With its strongest platform yet: Android OS, v5.1.1 (Lollipop), the phone is quick, strong and better than ever. As a customer who has recently purchased the phone I can easily vouch for its great performance and its reasonable cost when bought on contract. With its beautiful metallic shined colour variety, and its curved edges, it is not only performance pleasing but aesthetically good to look at. The phone fits right into the palm of your hand making its use easier and more comfortable versus its bulkier brothers the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (phone with the same size screen but without the curved edges).

The newest features to look out for on this great new phone consist of:


The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is thinner and lighter than ever. With its weight at only 153G and its display only 5.7 Inches, the phone is big enough to make its use easy and convenient, but light enough to keep you from feeling its size.

The new phone unlike the previous models is made entirely of Corning Gorilla Glass making it smooth and shiny. As the battery is now internal, the phone has no breaks in it in order to open any parts of it up.

With a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels, the phones quality is phenomenal with its large size.

With both edges curved back, the Edge+ has a 3D like effect to it curving the images on the screen along the phone making them more clear and life like than ever before.


galaxy-s6-edge-colorsWith the Galaxy S6 Edge+, Samsung came out wit
h some gorgeous new colours to choose from.

The phone comes in: Black Sapphire
, Gold Platinum, Silver Titan, and White Pearl adhering to every users wants and needs.

Edge Upgrades from the S6 Edge 

Between the original Edge and the Edge+, there are no huge differences in appearance other than the size of the screen. However the functions of the edge have been downgraded in my personal opinion.

The Edge+ has 3 simple features: it lets you interact with your favourite few contacts with a swipe to the side, keeps your favourite apps within easy swiping distance and gives you more information when your phone is off.

Other than its unique 3D effect by rounding both sides, the edge does not have that much of a purpose. Only one side is used for applications, and the phone allows you to choose which side making it easier for left handed people to use the phone now.

The edge does allow a more comfortable grip onto the phone as it moves into your hand while holding the phone without making it to bulky.

Internal Battery and No SD Card

The lack of microSD and removable battery I find to be more of a downgrade in the phone than an upgrade but it is different for each user. This phone does use a more advanced internal storage system making it much faster than the previous ones and keeps the storage more stable than when having an SD card expansion. However it does limit its users to only having so much space without the ability to grow.

I personally enjoyed having the freedom of using the SD card as I am a lover of music and photographs and don’t like feeling as if I am stuck with space on my phone.


The camera on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is by far my favourite camera to use at the moment. It is crystal clear and allows the users an immense amount of modes to play with for the perfect picture at any time of the day.

In comparison to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 a previous phone I had been using the camera cannot even come close. With the Note 4 pictures at night would turn out dark and unclear. With the edge+ there is no such problems. The phone captures ever last detail with its 16MP.

A great new feature attached with the camera is the speed at which it opens. For a photo fanatic such as myself, I like to take pictures of everything I see so the speed and quality is important when you are on the move. With just a double press of the home button the camera opens up right away.

The front facing camera like the rear has a great quality to it with its 5MP sensor bringing more bright light into the image and keeping it clear. With the ability to either touch the screen to take a picture, or taping the heart rate monitor on the back, a self portrait has never been more easy to take.

Some features attached to the camera are: Geo-Tagging, touch focus, face detection, auto HDR and panorama.

Sync Between Smartphones

Samsung has invented a new application that allows its users the ability to sync their phones with the iCloud. This has changed the way people see switching between phones as it saves the hassle and pain of reorganizing all your information and contacts. A main cause why people hated switching between apple and Samsung was the pain of starting fresh. Now they no longer have to.

Samsung has created the fastest way ever to switch between smartphones and connect to other devices easily and wirelessly.

Wireless Charge Capabilities

Well this new upgrade speaks for itself in my opinion. With the ability to wirelessly charge, Samsung has taken away the hassle of extra wires who only seem to fold and ruin after time1426261671894.

The only downside is the charger does not come with the phone the way a wire normally would, and you have to buy the accessory separately.

Wireless charge is great to have as you can charge on the go. With the new internal battery in the phone it makes using it a bit easier.

Fingerprint Scanner

Much like apples design of the fingerprint scanner to tighten the security of the phone, Samsung has tried to duplicate the process. With their original design on the Galaxy S5, Samsung used a swiping method to implement the fingertip scanner. However this version absolutely sucked. With the Note 4 they tried to upgrade the process by allowing more fingers to be registered and a more sensitive pad, however again the process wasn’t great.

This time around with the Galaxy S6 Edge+, Samsung has tried a more simple “click and hold” method of opening the phone which has turned out to be virtually faultless. With this new feature the phone has taken security to a new level in keeping your information private.

Then for those people who are still not sure how they feel about the use of the scan, this phone like its previous models has more options on how to unlock the phone such as making a pattern, a simple swipe, or a passcode.

Heart Rate Sensor

The Samsung has begun using a heart rate sensor at the back of their phones located next to the camera lens. By simple putting your finger over the sensor the phone calculates your heart rate. This feature I find to be very interesting as it allows the phone to promote its healthy living.

By using the Fit app to count your steps, and fitness activity the Samsung phablets bring to perspective just how important health is. By adding the sensor to the phones themselves, they put themselves on a higher level of awareness.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ was on promotion for a while when it just came out being sold for $379 while on contract with certain Canadian retailers. When the promotion ended and prices went up the value of the phone went with it. It can now be found for $479 on a 2 year Canadian Contract.

To find out more about the pricing of the phone or to start accessorizing the phone you already have, check out our large selection of options.