I forgot my headphones is not only the worst sentence you can start your day with, but it is also the worst feeling possible on a long day at work.

Listening to music at work increases accuracy and speed, or so I’ve read. It keeps your mind focused on the task at hand by allowing you to choose exactly what background noise you want to distract yourself with. Choosing the genre however takes a bit more thought- it will determine your mood for the rest of the day.The genre you should choose, from classical music to dance beats, depends on what your work involves and how you want your work to turn out for the day.

While writing this blog post today, I started out listening to something a bit more mellow- a beat that could keep me concentrated on my words and thoughts. Sadly, the slower the music is, the slower the thought process. Half way through my day trying to write, I jumped through a variety of genres looking for the perfect one. When finally coming across that one perfect song that got the flow going, I will admit I have been playing it on repeat. Who would want to mess with a good flow right?2b0c5b9d82cc09084d259f3e74e21f88

What you listen to at work is important. With the wrong beats, ideas just do not come, and on a day like today- a Friday afternoon, you cannot risk losing concentration because it will never come back.

Music Creates Flow

After a long week at work, the information you have gathered and need to display all begins to mesh together into one. The flow of your work day begins to be lost while you sit there staring out the window thinking about anything in the world other than the task in front of you. It is hard to stay focused let alone motivated.

Listening to music gives you the distraction you need to work. It gives you that noise inside your head you search for as a way to get away from the office, while giving you a beat to work with. You begin to sway to the sound of the song, and without realizing it you are typing, working, getting things done.
Music Keeps You Awake and Functioning

If it wasn’t for a good song, most of us would be long asleep on top of our desks. Our eyes would not stay open without at least 3 cups of coffee, and the occasional hour long staring at your twitter screens. You will do anything to stay awake, and most of the time that does not include doing any of your work.

With music playing in the background, you are awake because you are pumped up. The pleasure that a good song gives you wakes you up enough to allow you to function at work.

Music Gives You Pleasure

Music does not only give you pleasure through its catchy beats and its ability to make you dance. Music has a greater affect on the body that brings you pleasure through the release of Dopamine (also known as the pleasure chemical) from the brain.

Dopamine is the same chemical that gets released when you eat your favorite food, or kiss that special someone. Music becomes the equivalent of a cheeseburger or a significant other when you need that feeling of pleasure most.

This is why when listening to music at work, and coming across that one song that really gets you moving in your chair has the ability to turn a slow work day fast, or a sad situation a little brighter.

Music Is An Escape

Listening to music helps you escape your reality. When working with the noise of the office moving past you all day, you begin to feel the work day more. The stress of your surroundings, and the feeling of being trapped in the office versus sitting on the beach become that much more evident. 65260-Puppy-Listening-To-Music

With the sound of the perfect song hidden in your ears away from the rest of the world hearing give you your own personal escape. Nobody else around you knows what is happening as you sit there bobbing your head in your seat as if becoming one with the song.

Music is your way to run away from the reality of work, while still sitting in your chair doing what needs to be done.

Music Is Familiar

If you are anything like me, your work day always brings something new. Coming into a new job, or a field you are not entirely sure about is never easy. You sit there in your seat staring at your computer screen confused more than ever with what you are supposed to be doing, and once you finally figured out a plan, executing it is an entirely different story.

In this way, music has become my familiarity. I sit in a new office, doing a job that is constantly stumping me and questioning what 4 years in university really gave me. It is with the sound of songs that I know, and the pleasure that comes with them that I begin to feel grounded, as if I belong here and things will be okay.

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