A Smaller Tablet With A Bigger Potential

A few years ago, the idea of a smaller iPad would have been quickly dismissed if not laughed at. People wanted bigger, better; a tablet they could not only see better on, use easier, but most of all have as a complete replacement for the heavy laptops they were already carrying around everyday.The iPad was meant to be a savior in all aspects of life. A bigger music player, a faster business resource, and smaller, lighter, computer.

The iPad was a revolutionwhat-is-ipad-ad in many ways. It did everything people needed it to. It replaced the laptops for students, it took over the business world, and it was a form of entertainment that could move with you anywhere you went.

Then the day came and something new needed to happen, a change. Here was born the iPad Mini. With the first release of the mini, people did not know what to think. The screen was small, harder to type on, speakers not as loud, but the light weight and convenience was great, and the price was there to match. With a lower cost, more students were able to invest into this new iPad, simple connecting keyboards to the piece and taking their work with them everywhere. This iPad changed the way people worked, and saved.

The iPad Mini brought with it a huge variety of pros.

The 7.0″ Screen Isn’t Too Small

The iPad Mini has a smaller screen than any iPad has seen before. With its 7″ screen, the size is small enough to fit into the palms of your hand making its portability easy and quick. Typing is much easier as you can now use both thumbs while holding the tablet, instead of holding with one hand and typing with the other.

It is also the perfect size screen for lying in bed and catching up on all your netflix shows, without hurting your eyes or hands holding it.

Takes Up Less Space

6.1mm thin

With its small size, the iPad Mini fits everywhere. It is thinner than ever making its storage practically invisible. Unlike bulky laptops, or bigger tablets that take up space on any desk- the iPad Mini does not. It is great for storing on an office desk without taking up too much room, or keeping with you at home.

People have begun using the iPad Mini as mini tv monitors while at work, or cookbooks while at home. The thin design, and small size keeps the iPad from getting in the way of anything else you may be doing. Unlike bulkier computers, or even bigger sized tablets, the iPad Mini is so small, it takes up less space than ever.

Revolutionizing The Business World

30%faster CPU
60% Faster Graphics
Advanced Security

The iPad Mini is now being integrated into the business world for presentations, bookings, information storage, ect. Retailers are using iPads to allow customers to review their business; restaurants are taking orders on iPads.

The iPad Mini has joined the business world by storm. With its small size, easy storage, amazing graphics, and faster speed all at a lower cost than ever before, it is a quick and easy way to connect employees and make the business world an easier more organized place to be.

Apple has integrated all their applications to fit the smaller screen without losing any of their graphics and app effects. There is no reason anymore not to use this tiny bundle of technological miracle.

Lastly, the iPad Mini has integrated their new advanced security function, allowing this iPad to be more secure than ever. With its fingerprint technology it is harder to get onto the iPad for unwanted users.

Great for On-The-Go

298.8 grams

The iPad Mini is convenient for taking along with you anywhere you go. With its small size, and incredible light weight, it is easy to move around and store. For the woman with a purse, the iPad mini fits perfectly in almost all bags, and for men, the iPad Mini will fit perfectly in a briefcase, or a coat pocket.

For those people who use public transit and are tired of carrying around your books, papers, portable gaming consoles- you no longer have to, as the iPad Mini is easy to use, fits perfectly in your hands, and has all the applications you may need. With its small size, you can fit the iPad Mini in your hands perfectly, typing with just your thumbs, the way you would on a phone. However, unlike a phone, it is big enough to see and use without tiring your eyes.

The iPad Mini small size makes it easy to store, travel with, and use anywhere as it does not take up to much room.

The Price.

The price of the iPad mini is much lower than all the others before its kind. In order to best describe the great price, we will be looking at the 64GB iPad Mini 4. The best way to ensure a great cost is to look at the newest generation as it is the best. The 64GB iPad is great for any student or business employee. There is just enough memory to store all your important documents, without having too much storage and keeping the cost low. The 64GB iPad Mini 4 is only $549, the price you would have gotten a normal sized iPad however with much less storage space. By raising the GBs but keeping the costs low, Apple gave the new generation using their product the perfect item.

As the article describes the iPad Mini is one of the greatest technological innovations of our time. It has made school, work, and entertainment better and easier. The price is low and the possibilities attached to the piece are endless.

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